Urban Rebounder
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health and fitness
Health and Fitness Benefits

Madonna and many other celebraties uses the Urban Rebounder as rebounding on a high quality mini trampoline hits all the right spots and delivers results fast!

rebounder comparisons
Rebounder Comparisons

Why it is so important to buy a rebounder that is built to a certain specification based on scientific research to ensure you get maximum health benefits and fast results!


maximus rebounding for ultimate fitness
Lets Jump Video Promo

MaXimus Rebound Lets Jump!  – Strongest Rebounders, Best Instructor Training, Awesome Programmes!

Extreme Rebounding Range
Extreme Rebounding Range

Check out our latest hard extreme URX core rebounding workouts for people serious about changing their body shape

james blog
James' Blog

Are you confused? There's so much choice, perhaps too much - confusing isn't it! Thought i'd start my new monthly blog with a question i'm often asked "Which rebounder is right for me?"