Get in shape fast!

Get in to shape fast using the Urban Rebounding training system consisting of a high quality rebounder and our home workout DVD's. Research shows that rebounding is a highly efficient way of burning calories, losing weight and can get you in to shape fast! We have a variety of rebounding workouts to keep you motivated and challenged to ensure you see the best possible results achievable when used regularly.

The traditional Urban Rebounding workouts consists of a series of core moves which are familiar aerobic movement patterns all performed on the urban rebounder, a sport specific section using a variety of sports specific movement patterns. The workouts are all cardiovascular based, following an Interval training pattern that gives the participant a good balance between work and recovery, and most importantly they are all extremely good fun!

Here is a summary of just a few of the workouts available from our website shop:

Compilation 1 DVD - Range from beginners new to exercise and rebounding and older exercisers, all the way up to advanced level workouts for the more athletic individuals, that are great fun and will keep you challenged. See dvd compilation 1 in our shop.

Box n Bounce - Following structured boxing moves and postures on the rebounder whilst bouncing at the same time. Incorporating the principles of boxing for additional upper body work to encourage a more advanced rebounding workout. A real challenge for yourself and your body! Presented by UK Master Trainer Vikki Gamblen

Cardio Sculpt and Tone - This challenging but low impact rebound routine combines cardio vascular fitness with a  muscle tone and sculpt routine targeting all major muscle groups to help improve body shape and posture. Presented by UK Master Trainer Sam Laehy

Bounce Beyond - This workout test you all the way through our core moves and sports specific sections. Finishing with toning exercises for your arms, abdominal and inner core muscles. Then enjoy the stretches to complete your workout. Presented by UK Master Trainer Amanda Collins

Street Bound - This rebound workout is a truly cool and fun cardio workout. The professionally choreographed routines will provide all the benefits of a rebound exercise class but with all the flare and style of street dance! Presented by UK Master Trainer  and professional choreographer Kelly Walsh

New Extreme Rebounding Range - Each one of these 13 amazing rebounding workouts are not for the faint hearted! They are extremely challenging and suitable for men and women wishing to optimize their physical appearance. This range gets results fast!

Sport Specific Training for Kids - This programme will help teach your initial warm ups and guide through the stages of running sports specific workouts in a class environment. Incorporates - Coordination work, Balance drills, and motor skill development. all these drills and routines are great fun! Presented by UK Master Sue Wilkie

Sport Bound - Routines for sports teams and individuals wanting to train at a high intensity but are low impact so do not put excess stress on young joints. Also improve your reaction times by following this fantastic sports specific cardiovascular and strength training routine. This workout is ideal for men and women, boys and girls who want to get the edge over their opponents. Presented by UK Master Sam Laehy

Rebounding Progressions - Based on traditional rebound core moves, this workout progresses and demonstrates more variations to provide a more challenging workout. Perfect for those who have mastered the beginners workout and wish to progress. Presented by UK Master Trainer Amanda Boardman

Teen Bound - As well as improving your body tone, cardio vascular fitness and posture, Teen bound will also help develop confidence through fitness. Presented by UK Master Trainer Jody

Begin2bound - A great introduction to rebounding. The low impact nature of the workout makes it kind on joints and provides an excellent calorie burn to complement any weight management programme. Beautifully presented by Master Trainer Clare Hawes.

Latin Bound - for the movers and groovers!

There are over 30 different rebounding workout DVD's to choose from all available to purchase from our website shop follow this link to view all DVD¨s.