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Formed in 2005 we now feature in over 1000 Leisure Centres, Schools, Health Clubs and Specialist Sports colleges throughout the UK.

We have an experienced team of Master Trainers supporting our education programme in all UK regions and are committed to continued development and improvement of our programme.

Our Mission Statement: "To make exercise available to all populations, regardless of age, gender and fitness levels by providing access to cost effective exercise that is safe, extremely effective and most of all FUN to do."

Meet the team...

James Winfield - Managing Director & Master trainer

Co-Founder of Health2Fitness Ltd, with over 15 years as a Fitness Leader, James develops new and innovative fitness technology and training methods, specialising in Functional training, suitable for the Individual in a 1:1 or group setting, ensuring all-round fitness and wellbeing (diet & nutrition, physical exercise, relaxation and time management) James is a regular contributor to national fitness publications, including Ultra-fit magazine, Mens Fitness and Personal Trainer for Women. Qualifications include CHEK Practitioner – Level 2 (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology), Sports Injury and Rehabilitation VCTC, Urban Rebounding Master Trainer, Metabolic Typing advisor IMT, American College of Sports Medicine HFI.
"We believe that our programme offers an alternative to mainstream sports that not every individual is naturally good at. I have personally observed some fantastic results with individuals following the our programmes. We passionately believe that “Every Child Matters” and we know that Rebound UK can reach the minority communities as well as supporting those children who have a natural ability for sport. "

Heather Moore - Business Development Director

Heather is an experienced board level Director with over 25 years experience in building profitable and growing businesses in IT Services, Management Consultancy and Health & Leisure industry. Co-Founder of Health2Fitness Ltd Heather has driven the business growth and sales strategy of the company resulting in successful growth in the UK with Rebounding now showing as one of the fastest growing workouts in the the UK. Heather's current focus is developing effective routes to market in other countries with launches planned during 2011 in Dubai, Spain, Italy, Germany and Scandanavia.
"Rebounding has many proven health and fitness benefits. The great news is that the Return on Investment business case is less than 5 months in most establishments, and with a proven track record of helping schools and sporting bodies to achieve the Government Targets for children, there are many Government Funded grant schemes available for our programme."

Amanda Collins Presenter and Master Trainer

Amanda has worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years as a master trainer/studio instructor across many disciplines. Examiner/assessor for exercise to music. Amanda has won Silver British Aerobic Champion Award and has a list of celebrities on her personal training books. Amanda has been an Urban Rebounding Master Trainer since 2005
"Teaching is my passion and I teach a variety of classes at my local Lesiure Centre. Urban Rebounding features on our studio timetable 7 times a week, is the most profitable, and without doubt the most enjoyable class I teach! I love it!"

Amanda Boardman Presenter and Master Trainer

Amanda comes from a dance background and has over 15 years as a master trainer, studio instructor and events manager in the fitness industry teaching a variety of classes in Health Clubs and Schools in the Chiswick area. Amanda launched the first UK Urban Rebounding programme at Esporta Chiswick Riverside in 2005 and is a Master Instructor for both the studio and childrens training programme.
"Best thing to happen to Group Fitness in a very long time! We have been running Urban Rebounding classes at the Esporta Chiswick Riverside club with great success since May 2005. Class attendance has exceeded all our expectations and we now have 5 scheduled classes a week to cover demand. The Urban Rebounding programme has attracted new studio users – particularly those who regularly use the gym (both male and female) and aqua-members."

Kelly Walsh Trainee Presenter and Master Trainer

Before entering the health and fitness industry, Kelly worked as a professional dancer for 3 years doing a variety of jobs including, cruise ships,panto and pop videos! Kelly has an infectious personality and has now co-presented training courses and presented rebound master classes all over the UK! She is also director of her own street dance school. 'Big up da Essex Massive'
"After my first taste of urban rebounding I was hooked, after teaching classes for 4 years I was approached to join the team and have not looked back since" Further qualifications include - gym instructor, aerobics, zumba, x-biking, spinning, IFI, PT, power plate, exercise related fitness for children,MEND,dance matt training."

Vikki Gamblen International Presenter and Master Trainer for Rebound UK

Vikki is a talented instructor and presenter within the fitness industry. She specialises in studio based classes and her enthusiasm for fitness is infectious. Vikki’s motivation and passion creates a unique quality that draws your attention to her eclectic and electric style. With Vikki’s training and knowledge in many areas, she shows her ability to fuse a diversity of styles in to her choreography and classes. Vikki has developed her own workshops and presenst rebounding all over Europe. Her natural ability to teach will always have you come back for more!!!
"I continue to read up on and study with the leading educational organisations in areas of health and performance. This includes the work by Paul Chek, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Michael Neil and Dr. Richard Bandler. "

Becky White Trainee Presenter and Master Trainer

Becky eats, breathes and sleeps on her rebounder!!. She has bundles of energy and is a fantastic instructor running a very successful Personal Training business of which rebounding plays a big part working with small groups of clients and on a 1 to 1 basis helping them reach their fitness objectives. Becky is a budding young entrepreneur and we are delighted to have her on board!
"Becky eats, breathes and sleeps on her rebounder!!. She has bundles of energy and is a fantastic instructor running a very successful Personal Training business of which rebounding plays a big part working with small groups of clients and on a 1 to 1 basis helping them reach their fitness objectives. Becky is a budding young entrepreneur and we are delighted to have her on board! "

Sam Leahy

Sam is a new member of our team. She has a natural presenting style and has a successful PT business as well as being a Stott Pilates Instructor. Sam is also a young budding actress and is about to present some Rebound UK workouts on DVD!
"It is a fun and effective way to exercise for all different outcomes, whether sports specific or general health and fitness related benefits. Everyone can benefit from Urban Rebounding, including me as an instructor as it has no detrimental affect on my health doing it on a regular basis as other full impact workouts inevitably would."

Claire Hawes Trainee Presenter and Master Trainer

Claire is a motivated proactive individual and has brought the Rebound UK programme in to her community reaching many different populations. "The first time that I stepped onto a rebounder, I absolutely loved it! I really enjoy inspiring people to work their hardest and achieve their fitness goals. I pride myself on being able to pass on my own knowledge and experience to others and feel that becoming a rebounding master instructor would not only enthuse me but it would be a great challenge for me to develop personally as a future career"
"I am a dedicated, ambitious young fitness professional who thrives on motivating and inspiring people. I am a good team worker with well developed communication skills gained through enthusiastic participation in varied sports and practical teaching experience."

Presenter and Master Trainer

Jodi is an extrovert character, who enjoys dealing with the public and social activities, such as team activities, meeting others and organising functions. Her interests are socialising, participating in aerobics conventions and having fun! Jodi is a fantastic and motivating instructor who is currently presenting her own rebounding DVD's in conjunction with Rebound UK.
"I am Looking to widen my skills and education through continuous development into children’s health and fitness, pre natal & post natal group fitness and to continue to provide a variety of fitness classes in the community and at local schools. Educate others to provide a high standard of expertise to group exercise training through fantastic programmes such as Rebound UK and Urban Rebounding."

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