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Rebounding emerged nearly 50 years ago. Research into rebounding has proven the many health benefits, browse our Research Articles for more details.

Rebounding Information

Rebounding Information Booklet

A rebounding information booklet explaining all the Health and Fitness bennefits of the Urban Rebounding programme, plus a workout progress chart to record your workouts and help keep you motivated as you rebound your way to a fitter healthier you!

The History of Rebounding

The History of Rebounding to date!

The physics behind Rebounding

The Physics behind Rebounding by Al Carter explain the natuaral forces involved during rebounding.

Rebound Equipment and Maintenance Information

Rebounder Specification

Unique Rebounder Specification and Design.

Changing leg spring instructions

Instructions for changing leg springs

Rebounder Differences

Rebound Equipment and Maintenance Information to explain the differences in rebound products on the market.

Finance and Funding

Copy of ROI model for Lesiure Centres

This is a typical ROI model for a Leisure Centre with a part casual mambership base.

Sports Unlimited Sample Bid Application

Sample Sports Unlimited Bid used by one of our SSP's to obtain funding. Please feel free to edit the text to suit your requirements. Please contact us if you need any further help.

Sports Unlimited Price per head model

Use our model to work out a Sports Unlimited 'price per head' strategy and adjust accordingly to suit your given budget.

Information for Leisure centres and Councils

Everyone should be doing it! - by DC Leisure

DC Leisure news explain how rebounding works and why everyone should be doing it!