Getting started Leisure Centres

Implementing our fantastic rebounding programme in your Leisure center is very straight forward.

Once you have purchased the professional rebound equipment specifically designed for group exercise classes we can then train your instructors on our REPS accredited training courses to deliver the classes. Training can be done at your club or at one of our public training centres. Leisure centers use our rebounding programmes for studio classes, circuit classes, and one to one training in the gym and personal training setting. We have many customer testimonials and case studies we can share with you from our clients who love our programmes as they are very affordable, fresh and exciting, great fun, attract new members to their facility as urban rebounding is unique in their area and play a very important part in member retention.

Unlike BTS we do not charge a monthly license fee to our customers. Once you have purchased the equipment from us and trained your instructors you are ready to get your classes under way. We have a fantastic adults and childrens programmes suitable for all ages genders and fitness levels. A lot of Leisure centers offer parent and child urban rebound classes which are really popular and is a healthy way of exercising with your children.

Marketing and Promoting the classes

Once you have invested in our programme we provide you with marketing support free of charge to ensure you have a successful launch.

Observing a class in a gym or school where we have implemented the programme.
As we are now established in over 1000 leisure centers and schools nationwide. We can arrange for you to see a class in action or indeed to try the workout yourself. We will help you locate your nearest Leisure center and the contact there who can arrange this with you.

Taster Sessions
Taster sessions can be arranged for your club in order for you to experience the programme in action and gain measured feedback from your members and staff. We do not look to make any money from taster sessions but we do need to recover our costs as have to pay our Presenters and to transport the equipment around the country. If you require a quote for taster sessions please contact us as this is dependent on where you are located.