International Franchise and Distributor opportunities

Rebound UK offer comprehensive franchise and distributor opportunities for business partners accross Europe who wish to be apart of our exciting rebounding programme and products.

The Market Over the past few years Sport and physical activity has been high on the agenda for governments around the world as well as the general public. With obesity now a global epidemic there is increasing demand for physical activities that target these populations to help in preventative ways and prescribed exercise that can help combat this specific problem. Leisure centers, Schools and the home markets are recognizing the demand for alternative activities for the non sporty populations in order to engage people in accessible, fun activity programmes. We feel that our rebound programmes it in perfectly with this population in particular as it ticks all of the above boxes. What makes are programmes so successful is that they are very inclusive as it is accessible to everyone no matter of your gender, age or fitness level. Everybody can enjoy the health and fitness benefits of our rebound programmes.

What we do best We have already successfully set up partners in Italy, France, and Dubai who are now distributing professional rebound equipment to the home, gym and school markets as well as running rebound training courses for instructors and workshops for the general public on a massive scale. We pride our selves on building good business relationships with our partners providing an exceptional level of customer service and on going support to ensure every partner succeeds.

Whether you are looking to distribute our products to the home markets, Leisure centers and gyms, Schools or all three we will tailor bespoke business models to suit our clients and there perspective markets. Rebound UK have spent the past 8 years developing educational certified training programmes that instructors are teaching in gyms, schools and leisure centers world wide. We have a number of innovative workshops that keep our programme fresh and instructors up to date with the latest rebound research and technology.

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